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Ek Idea jo badal de sabki Zindagi!

We all have heard this phrase, “Ek Idea jo badal de aapki duniya” but what if I tell you, we can rephrase this to “Ek idea jo badal de sabki zindagi”. Let me tell you a story, there were two friends who were visiting Paris in 2008 to attend a conference and it was a winter night and the pair was unable to get a cab and then the idea was born what if we can call the cab through our phone to current location and later on, they started a company which we all know as “UBER”. Two friends were Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp (Co-founders of UBER).

UBER is one of the largest companies in the world (in terms of its global presence) and now it would be difficult for people to imagine their life without UBER. A small idea of two people changed lives of many people across the globe. It was not just the idea that made them so successful, but the belief in the idea was one of the key things. They worked on accomplishing it and also faced various issues like convincing cab drivers to join their platform and designing a structure where everyone is benefitted without compromising on the safety of customers.


Uber is available in 10,000+ cities across 71 countries, it is used by 93 million customers and 3.5 million drivers. UBER has processed around $ 26.61 billion (₹ 1,90,802 crores) worth of bookings in 2020. UBER also launched UBER eats a food delivery service across various countries.

Uber Annual Revenue (Data Source: Uber)

Year Revenue ($ in billion)
2014 $0.4
2015 $1.7
2016 $5
2017 $7.9
2018 $11.3
2019 $14.1
2020 $11.1

Travis and Garett would have never thought that such a basic idea will have great impact on the lives of many. It did not just benefit passengers using cabs but also created employment opportunities for 3.5 million cab drivers registered on UBER. This teaches us that ideas are around us we just need eyes to see them, believe in them and work towards making them real. So, do you have any idea jo badalde sabki duniya?

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