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Is Amazon really “Apni Dukan”?

When we see this great advertisement mentioning amazon as apna amazon or apni dukan, do they really mean it? Amazon Started in United States in the year 1994 with an idea of selling books online and now it almost sells everything. By introducing prime in India amazon has become unstoppable in terms of growth. By subscribing to prime people got many benefits like prime video, prime music, etc. and amazon was benefitted by fixed customer who is always going to prefer amazon over any other e-commerce platform. You must be thinking what is wrong in that if more people go and buy from e-commerce websites the seller and manufacturers are going to be benefited in the end, is it so?

Top 3 sellers on amazon are

  • Appairo Retail Private Limited
  • Cloudtail India
  • Amazon Retail

Appairo retail Private Limited is Subsidiary of Frontizo which is a Joint Venture between Amazon & patni Group.


Cloudtail is owned by Prione Business which is a joint venture between Amazon & Mr. Narayan Murthy’s Catamaran Ventures.

In January 2020, Competition commission of India announced that it is investigating amazon and Walmart Inc’s Flipkart in an allegation made by an Indian trader group that anti-competitive practices like exclusive launch of mobile phones on platform, promoting preferred sellers on platform, deep discounting and prioritizing some seller listing over others and outcome of investigation is awaited.

Amazon is also entering into pharma sector in India and yes, we all need to agree that amazon has made all of our life more convenient, now we don’t need to step out of our house to buy something everything is delivered at our door step but at what cost, is it helping small retailers around us? Is there a proper flow of money in economy or Concentration of money at single place? How long small retailers can survive against deep pocketed giants?

So, what do you think is amazon really “Apni dukan or Apna Amazon”? Let us know in comments.

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