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The Diverse Offerings of Financial Services!

Financial services encompass a broad range of services provided by financial institutions and professionals to individuals, businesses, and governments. Key activities include investment management, financial planning, wealth management, insurance services, and financial advisory.

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Mutual Fund Investment Services

Fintale offers a comprehensive suite of mutual fund services tailored to meet diverse investor needs. These include personalized portfolio management, in-depth research and analysis, and expert investment advisory to help select the best mutual funds. Their user-friendly digital platform enables easy management and tracking of investments, while educational resources, such as webinars and workshops, empower investors with knowledge. Additionally, Fintale provides dedicated customer support for a seamless investment experience. Investors benefit from expert-managed portfolios, transparency in processes and fees, flexibility in switching funds, and enhanced security and regulatory compliance, ensuring informed decision-making and optimal financial outcomes.

Project Financing:

For any business venturing into a new project, getting the right amount of finances is utmost important. A usual way of getting this finance is through Project Financing. Project Financing is a Loan Structure that relies primarily on the Project's cash flow for repayment. The project's assets, rights, and interests are often held as secondary collateral while availing this loan. Project Finance is especially attractive to the Private Sector because companies can fund major projects off-balance sheet (OBS). Fintale Consultancy is here to offer advice on whether or not your firm should go for Project Financing, as well as help your business get the Project Financing with proper paperwork.


In this start-up era, everybody wants a part of the pie, and everyone wants to be able to invest in businesses that show a bright future. Fundraising is a process of seeking and gathering voluntary financial contributions from individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies and financial institutions. It also refers to the identification and solicitation of investors or other sources of capital for business enterprises. Fintale Consultancy can help your firm get the required capital through the very attractive (and recently trending) way of Fundraising.

Financial Planning:

Be it an individual or a business, everyone has certain goals and milestones that they want to achieve. For this, Financial Planning is a pre-requisite. At Fintale Consultancy, we conduct Financial Planning by looking at a client's (be it business or an individual) entire financial picture – current financial position, projected future incomes and expenses, and advising them on how to achieve their short-term and long-term financial goals.

Financial Evaluation Report (Know your Vendor / Customer):

This is the need of the hour. Be it because businesses are going global, or that the business relations are being forged virtually, a skepticism about who your competitors, clients or vendors are always present at the back of your mind. Its indeed an added advantage to know who your competitors are and what do their financials suggest about the industry trends. Doubts about their deliverables (in case of vendors) and payments (in terms of clients or customers) is always creeping up today. The solution is simple: get a thorough financial evaluation report covering major financial aspects in order to build a network wherein you face least financial setbacks by mitigating risks at the earlier stage. However, the execution of this solution isn’t as simple. This is where Fintale Consultancy steps in. We provide a detailed report covering key financial performance indicators of the companies with a YoY comparison covering a period of 3-5 financial years.

Key Analysis Tools through various customized MIS:

Use the data available to you smartly. Make the most out of the daily transactions that your business undertakes. How, you ask? At Fintale Consultancy, we help you group important data that point to various parameters together and then get an exact analysis of your current situation. We then help you by playing with the available data to predict future outcomes, and profitability. This information then becomes critical in making dynamic business decisions that smoothen your daily business chores.

Questions? You're covered.

Project Financing is a financial structure where the loan is provided based on the projected cash flows of the project being financed, rather than the creditworthiness of the company itself. This type of financing often involves the project's assets, rights, and interests as secondary collateral. Unlike traditional loans, which rely on the overall financial health and credit rating of the borrowing entity, Project Financing is specifically tied to the success and revenue potential of a single project. This method is particularly attractive in the private sector for funding major projects off-balance sheet, thereby not affecting the company's debt ratios.

Fintale Consultancy can guide your business through the entire process of obtaining Project Financing. This includes evaluating the financial viability of your project, advising on the best financing structure, and assisting with the preparation of necessary documentation, such as detailed project reports and cash flow projections. We also help in negotiating terms with financial institutions to ensure that the financing terms align with your project's needs and your company's strategic goals. Our expertise ensures that your application stands the best chance of approval with favorable terms.

Opting for Project Financing through Fintale Consultancy brings several benefits. Firstly, our expertise in financial modeling and understanding of the lending market can significantly increase the likelihood of securing financing on favorable terms. Additionally, by structuring the financing off-balance sheet, your company can undertake significant projects without adversely impacting its creditworthiness or debt ratios. Our advisory services also ensure that you fully understand the risks and commitments involved, enabling informed decision-making throughout the financing process.

Lenders evaluating a Project Financing application primarily focus on the projected cash flows and revenue potential of the project itself, rather than the broader financial health of the company undertaking the project. They assess the project's viability, market potential, risk factors, and the strength of the project's management team. Other considerations include the legal and regulatory environment, the project's asset base as collateral, and any existing or potential revenue contracts. Fintale Consultancy can help you prepare your application and project documentation to address these factors effectively, increasing your project's attractiveness to potential financiers.
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